* Arrow keys are also available :D (only not mentioned in controls tab >_< )
* Double left or right for running ( << || >> )
** In the pause menu, there is an option to skip levels

Submission for #CommunityGameJam - See https://itch.io/jam/cgj

You know how it is. It is a Sunday. You are dabbling in some alchemy in your lair. When suddenly... you massively screw up and blunder your self in magical misery of unimaginable proportions!

Get to the other side of your alchemy table and get restored to your previous self!

Not a hardcore gamer? We got you covered! Press the escape key while playing to find out more about the theme of Mage Lair.


Mage Lair.zip 57 MB
MageLair.rar 49 MB


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Cool game ... Nice music .. The backword movement while shooting was nice thing.. 

Check out my game too.. https://itch.io/jam/cgj/rate/476873

The visuals are great and the sound is very fitting. Great Job

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Thanks!! Our first gamejam and our first comment is a positive one. So cool! Please consider rating Mage Lair on https://itch.io/jam/cgj/rate/475576

Did you spot our "the game is a liar" angle when you press escape in game?

And did you notice that the sound/music changes based on what is happening in the game and per level too?